Shipping & payment

Virtual Zone Ltd reserves the right to specify the terms and availability of products and delivery by phone or e-mail at the time of processing the order.
Virtual Zone Ltd is not responsible for meeting delivery times for products that are marked as being only by request or delivery for a certain period and / or are not available in the warehouse of Virtual Zone Ltd.
Site prices are in BGN and include VAT. The price of the product does not include the value of the delivery and the payment fees due.
The user is required to provide a correct address, telephone and email to confirm the order made so that it can be executed.
The presence of blank fields for feedback or the publication of incorrect or inaccurate information does not bind Virtual Zone Ltd with the obligation to execute the order.
Virtual Zone offers every customer the opportunity to take the product directly from the Virtual Zone store (Sofia, Lyulin 10, Bl.145) without paying for delivery.
Delivery time is calculated in working days.
Virtual Zone Ltd declares that the products that are ordered and in stock will only be sent when the payment is made.
The courier service provider assumes liability for the products during transportation.
Virtual Zone Ltd advises clients to open their orders in front of the courier and, in the event of a fault, to notify the courier service provider immediately.
How much does it cost

The delivery of goods is completely free of charge for the whole country when ordering over BGN 240 with VAT (effective from 1.5.2018)

Way of delivery

Virtual Zone Ltd delivers the merchandise to you with the help of courier company Leo Express if you are outside Sofia.
Within the city of Sofia the deliveries are made with Courier company Leo Express.

When will I get the shipment?

Delivery is within 24 to 48 hours after the order - depending on availability and location.
For the territory of Sofia the deliveries are made within the working day or up to 24 hours.

What is delivered to you

The ordered goods are supplied with the necessary documents - invoice for purchase, cash receipt for courier payment, guarantee card.
Each shipment must be opened and reviewed before payment of the charge. We insist on this!

Virtual Zone Ltd carries out the delivery of the goods only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

If a product can not be delivered to the Customer, Virtual Zone Ltd is obliged to notify it.

Before the completion of the order, Virtual Zone Ltd will indicate to the site the value of the additional costs the client has to pay (if any).
The details regarding the delivery of the goods do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of Virtual Zone Ltd. to perform the respective delivery on a specific date.
Accordingly, the customer is not entitled to any compensation in the event that the date on which the seller has announced the delivery of the goods is not respected.

Virtual Zone Ltd or a representative of the customer's chosen courier company are committed to informing the customer by phone or email if sudden circumstances arise that prevent delivery of the goods in time.

The risk of loss or damage to purchased products passes over to the customer at the time the customer or a third party designated by him, other than the courier service selected by Virtual Zone, accepts the goods.