The first three letters GAM stands for gaming art in motion, and DIAS is the Latin word for god. 
Therefore, GAMDIAS all together is, the god of gaming. GAMDIAS is a gaming brand based on ancient Greek Mythology, 
coupled with a visually pleasing work of beauty, obsessed with pursuing the epitome of gaming. 
Themed around ancient Greek Mythology, all GAMDIAS products are named after Greek gods. 
Each product possesses a uniquely patented function engrossing the characteristics of each deity. 
GAMDIAS represents justice, allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the universe of Mount Olympus. 
GAMDIAS was designed to fulfill the needs of all hardcore gamers, while also providing a platform, "Olympics" for gamers to exchange tips and pointers. 
ZEUS, king of the gods and the gods of Mount Olympus, lead the charge defining the essence of GAMDIAS with their signature weapons and bestowing upon the gaming peripherals, 
power, authority, and gaming supremacy.


ZEUS is the God of the sky and ruler of all the Olympian Gods and known to mortal men as Dias, 
the Divine King. ZEUS represents justice and mercy, striking down wickedness with his infinite power. 
GAMDIAS has harnessed ZEUS' most powerful weapon, the lightning bolt and transferred into Psi-Manifestation, 
the ability to mold lightning into a physical form.