Mop and vaccum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock S5 MAX black

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Mop and vaccum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock S5 MAX black

Best Navigational Abilities robot vacuum by TechGearLab. Advanced mapping: Laser mapping systems scan your home as S5 cleans, giving it the information it needs to clean every room as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Clean effectively: Strong suction and multiple cleaning modes: Select the best mode for your cleaning environment, from Carpet, Quiet, Mopping, Balanced, Turbo & Max mode, with a maximum suction power of 2000Pa.
Powerful app control: Use the Mi Home app with S5 to schedule cleans, view cleaning progress and information, take control manually, check accessory status, choose clean modes, clean specific areas, and self-recharge. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Alexa.
Vacuum and mop: Install the water tank for simultaneous mopping and vacuuming. One run leaves the floor shiny and clean.
Ultra-high 5200mAh battery capacity: 150 minutes of constant working, ideal for big house and multi-room

Roborock S5 Smart Laser Navigation Sweep and Mop Robot Vacuum
Rororock S5 seamlessly navigates from room to room in your home, mapping everywhere it goes and cleaning every spot. If it runs low on power, it returns to recharge and continues where it left off. 2000Pa of strong suction power, combined with a thorough mopping system cleans every inch of your floors. In the Mi Home app you can send it to clean any spot, start a clean cycle, or schedule cleaning for when you are not home.

Ideal for the home with pets
The main brush, side brush and omni-directional wheels are designed to be tangle-free, preventing hairs from getting into the cleaner and clogging the motor. A beak-like cleaning tool accessory is included with Robot to easily remove the hairs.

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