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Add value to your IT solutions
with Virtualna Zona Ltd.

Who are we?
Virtualna Zona Ltd. is a Bulgarian private company established in Sofia in 2000.
Currently the company is positioned as one of the biggest and most reliable providers of the Bulgarian IT market with main scope of activity: sales, design, installation and maintenance
of information systems. The stable upward development of Virtualna Zona Ltd. is due to the flexible policy of the company, which constantly sets and pursues
new targets in the dynamically changing market environment of the IT industry in Bulgaria.
In recent years our focus more and more shifts toward design and offering of comprehensive IT solutions,
which we complete with our own designs for meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Virtualna Zona Ltd. is official importer, distributor and representative of the following brands in Bulgaria:
TP-Link – Network Equipment for home and business
Cambium - Network Equipment
Mikrotik – Network equipment
Ubiquiti - Network equipment
DEEPCOOL – cooling solutions
DELUX – chassis and power supplies
AeroCool - chassis , power supplies, fans, cooling systems
Redragon - Gaming perifery
Orico - Perifery devices
Somic - Professional gaming headphones
Inaza, Gamdias, Riotoro - Gaming Products

Further on, we invested in our own company website www.virtualnazona.com with the ambition to turn it into a web portal for the vast amount of IT components and systems imported and offered in Bulgaria.

The benefits to become our partners
We will help you to create your information system and computing environment
according to your specific requirements, scope of work and development perspectives. 
We will select the right components,systems and periphery and will design the optimal infrastructure of your department or company.
We will install all the applications required for your activity, so that you can rest assured that your IT system is 100% functional. 
And we will add more value – our special designs for the security of your IT solutions.
Security in the company and in the department
The modern information systems are more and more integrated. 
Further to the workplaces equipped with computers and peripheral devices, they currently include cameras, sensors, video-screens, video surveillance systems.
Each component in your system can be attacked and turned into a breakthrough point, or “Trojan horse” used for
breaking its defense, for access to sensitive information or just for causing malfunction to the extent of complete failure.

We offer specialized solutions, which are able to respond adequately to external attacks and prevent the undesirable
consequences for the activity of your company or department.

Security in every Smart Home
The modern home is full of smart devices – smart refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, washing machines, sound systems. 
Smart can also be the power outlets or plugs, to which you connect them, or the light bulbs lighting the apartment,
summer villa or separate house. And they are all connected to a common network and to the internet, 
so that you can access them remotely, which makes their use much more comfortable!
But… their connected status is also a serious risk factor – every smart device can be used to break into your private information 
system, for undesired «spying» or to start a DDoS attack causing its failure.

Virtualna Zona Ltd. offers a special solution, its own custom design
to protect your home and/or the homes of your co-workers, thereby seriously improving the security of your company IT system.

Security of your future IT project
Preliminary consultations with our experts prior to taking a decision about your future information system will highlight all problematic details and
will allow us to design its adequate security, which will evolve with the development and growth of your IT environment.

Service and maintenance
The provision of high quality and timely servicing of failed IT components or systems is essential for a stable and long-term partnership.
We offer warranty and extra-warranty service, as well as service support and maintenance per contract of your IT systems of any scale or type.
We support our own warranty terms, as well as the warranty terms of the vendors, whose products we offer and integrate in our customers’ systems.
You can fully rely on the experts of our service department, who have a significant share in the good position and successful development of Virtualna Zona Ltd.

Contact us:
Virtualna Zona Ltd.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Lyulin 10 residential area, block 145, postal code 1335.
Sales dept.: (+359 2) 925 99 30, (+359 2) 975 72 15, (+369 2) 975 72 16
Service dept.: (+359 2) 925 99 31
GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 42.71290656562906 
Longitude: 23.27291339635849
Email: office@virtualnazona.com

Thank you for being our customers